New Feature Set for our NGI Zero Core Fund Application
We have applied for the NGI Zero Core Fund. With and a new module with various features, we aim to enable democratic exchange on every website.
5/13/2024 6:48:43 AM by Marvin #funding #features
New Feature Set for our NGI Zero Core Fund Application is a browser extension that represents users on any website they visit as avatars. Users on the same website can see each other's avatars and can communicate via a chat function or start a video conference.

**We want to expand the existing basic functionalities to allow people to exercise their democratic means on websites as they do in the real world.**
This includes free exchange on any topic without having to pay with profile information or personal data, the freedom of assembly, and the ability to demonstrate on websites with other users.

Our goal is for people to have the ability with to freely exchange ideas on relevant websites and validate statements and opinions with a robust rating system. This could be an article on a news website where users can discuss, a topic-specific website where a community forms around that theme, or a company website where people can network and engage with relevant stakeholders.

**To achieve this, we would like to integrate a new set of features:**

- Currently, the chat function is not persistent and is tied to the presence of users on the website. We would like to make it persistent to enable long-term exchange.
- We want to create a message feed on every website where opinions and statements can be placed.
- Individual messages in the feed can be commented on.
- Each message can be voted on, with an up-vote (+1) or a down-vote (-1). This results in a rating number for statements.
- The order of the feed on websites can vary: between a historically chronological view or a sorting by the rating number of individual messages.
- Users can subscribe to individual website feeds and display them in a private feed to stay informed about discussions and topics important to them.

With this new feature set, people will have the opportunity to exchange, discuss, or even form communities on any topic, independent of existing silo-like social networks and seldom-encountered forums.

We look forward to these new possibilities.
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