The metaverse already exists, but in a completely different way than assumed
The metaverse, as it is depicted visually and in many people's minds, is not yet flying properly.
5/29/2024 6:20:36 AM by Marvin #3d #metaverse
The metaverse already exists, but in a completely different way than assumed
The initial hype has flattened out, recently revived a little by the new VR glasses from Apple. 

The problem for the Metaverse, as we imagined it, is the high barriers to entry that it currently still entails. You need 3D glasses. And you also have to create 3D content first. And then there are many providers with many different accounts, none of which are compatible. looks at the problem from a different angle. The existing web that we all know is the metaverse. The web already exists, it is easily accessible for everyone. And the content doesn't have to be laboriously built, the web is already full of content. It is already decentralized, links lead to “places”, we know them as websites, within the virtual world. And there are several virtual worlds on the web. The sum of all pages, all virtual worlds on the web is the metaverse. 

The avatars of should not only exist within a few 3D worlds, but also on the entire web. This is easier in practice than it might sound, because the formats and standards on the web are relatively simple. It is much easier to create uniformity if you build on existing web standards than to harmonize the different data formats of the many virtual worlds. 

How does work? Web browsers show people as avatars on websites. There is no barrier to entry and anyone with a browser can easily participate. The different avatars see each other and can chat, interact, start video conferences and meet together on websites. In the future, as barriers to entry into 3D worlds lower and become accessible to everyone, the 3D part of the web will take over and replace the current metaverse (the web) with the future (3D worlds). 

This will be a continuous process. It can start, for example, in the style: people will be visible on websites as avatars. 
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