weblin.io Extension v1.1.4 Released
An intermediate update that fixes a problem with video conferencing not being able to connect. No other changes.
1/23/2022 1:11:08 PM by wolfspelz #development #update #fix
weblin.io Extension v1.1.4 Released
While working on the new NFT aware item model a random problem popped up: when people started a video conference as their first action after the web browser start, they had a good chance of weblin.io using the wrong configuration setting resulting in a connection error. That happened only on the first navigate in a new tab of a newly started web browser, which should be rare. 

Turns out in real live this happened more often than expected, because when you experience problems, you tend to restart your computer or just the web browser and then you try a video conference on a freshly started extension in your first tab. 

So, a fix was necessary before the v1.2 update.

Kudos to the Chrome Web Store. Processing a submission on Saturday evening (CET), morning (PT) within 1 hour is absolutely astonishing. Especially an extension that runs on all pages and needs a persistent background page. Seems we earned enough trust to get on a fast lane. Thanks.
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