Where is weblin.io?
In this article, we would like to show you three specific use-cases where weblin.io fundamentally changes the way the web is used.
3/1/2022 5:41:03 PM by Marvin #where #usecases
Where is weblin.io?
weblin.io is everywhere on the web. Your weblin (avatar) appears automatically on every page you visit - without restrictions, without limits. weblin.io creates a world which takes place directly on the web-page surface. The playground is the pages, but the pages are not the whole world. The world is created by interacting with other weblins, by sharing items, by
owning and using pages as a weblin.io surface. What does this mean? How can this look in practice? In this article, we would like to show you three specific use-cases where weblin.io fundamentally changes the way the web is used.

**Existing communities, such as carnival guilds:**

Especially at carnival, jester guilds live on interaction, humor, regular meetings, and their community. Covid-19 put a stop to this. Virtual meetings replace the otherwise important events before and around carnival. weblin.io can bring life back to such meetings. Just move the events to your own website, or even to a specially created page on the web optimized for weblin.io meetings. Community members can interact, frolic, dress up their avatars individually, dance together, and video call at the same time. Just imagine a full meeting where instead of using the usual zoom sessions, there are 100 weblins dressed up as fools on your screen. This changes the atmosphere in the meetings to what it should be: humorous, fun, and "foolish".

**Situations where you want to make a statement:**

"Fridays for Future" has shown us: Anyone can make a difference if you have a vision and a strong belief in the cause. The actions of one person can create a movement of millions. Again, the question is: What do you do during a pandemic? Or to span large distances? Demonstrations on the web don't work, of course - a YouTube stream doesn't get enough attention, doesn’t provoke, doesn't move crowds, isn't visible. So, it doesn't work. Or maybe… Imagine that a company is faced with a decision which has a massive impact on the environment. You want to take action against it, demonstrate against it. Simply gathering in front of the company headquarters is difficult. But occupying the website, which thousands of people visit every day? Simply gather with your community and weblin.io on the website and make a statement! Hold up posters, claim the site with flags, place items on the website so that every website visitor notices. And we guarantee you: When thousands occupy a
website, it generates attention. Both with the company and in the press!

**Events which require feedback:**

For a soccer team there is nothing worse than playing in front of an empty stadium, for an author it is annoying to have to do a reading in front of an empty hall. For a band, it's a disaster to have to perform in front of an audience of three (if you're not a jazz musician!). Why is this? Because the atmosphere is missing and of course the feedback of enthusiastic people. But that's exactly how most digital events are. Whether an author reading, a live stream of an artist, or a digital fair: The audience is missing, you don't see the people, you don't get direct feedback (except in some chat windows one by one). This is where weblin.io creates fundamental change and transforms digital events into an animated and emotional event. People can see each other as weblins, can talk to each other, share feedback directly in speech bubbles, dance, cheer, greet, clap. And it's all visible to the band, the author, the artist, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Just try it out - just download the extension for free in the Chrome Store!
We are looking forward to meeting you – on the web!
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