The weblin backpack
A short overview of the weblin backpack and its possibilities.
2/15/2022 7:19:48 PM by Marvin #items #backpack
The weblin backpack
You can get to your Weblin's backpack by going to the Weblin's menu located to the left of your name. In the backpack are all your items which you can collect, use, and exchange. These can be business cards, pictures, or gamification items which you can use to create something.
All items can be moved via drag & drop onto the page, and from there exchanged with other Weblins by dragging the items onto the intended Weblin. A short click on an item in the backpack will open action windows, with information about the item and more action buttons. Just try it out! Weblins are also compatible with NFTs! You can store your NFTs in the backpack or exchange them with other Weblins via drag & drop. Or just set your NFT as a Weblin avatar. Then you can easily show your NFTs all over the web! We will show you how to do that in another article soon.

Stay tuned!
Your Weblin Team
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