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Your avatar

You get an avatar. You can choose an individual avatar. It represents you.

Other people have avatars, too. You can see them.

You meet them on the websites you visit.

Chat & Video

You can chat with anyone and meet them with video. Directly on the website.

This enables communication on any website, without additional software.

You don’t need tools like Teams or Zoom.

Virtual Items

There are virtual items in your backpack.

These are the things you own in this virtual world.

You can give virtual gifts and business cards to the people you meet.

You can find items all over the web. You can collect them and build things.


It works on all websites.

Your avatar turns any website into an interactive space where people meet.

You can meet your friends everywhere and make new friends on the websites you visit.

Communities emerge on all websites where people with similar interests meet.


Avatars turn the web into a metaverse.

Websites become streets and places in a virtual world.

You can use your game avatar on websites. You meet players from the same game and from other virtual worlds.

You can have NFTs as virtual items in your backpack.

A Browser Extension

Activate the browser extension in the App Store for Chrome and Edge.

Just click on “Become a weblin” on our website.

No Registration

It’s anonymous.

You activate it and use it right away. No account, no password.

It just works.

Your avatar automatically appears on the next page.

Open Source

weblin is an open source project.

Everyone can see the source code.

It's safe and open

… and free of charge.

weblin shows real life in the web

Your avatar accompanies you on all websites. You meet other people who are there at the same time.

During shopping, watching videos, during meetings or while reading the news or websites: It's way more interesting with other avatars together. Talk to the people you meet.

Get your avatar

What you can experience with weblin

Experience live content with your friends

Twitch live streaming, a book reading on youtube, the live concert of your favorite band. You can now watch all these live events together.

weblin turns live events on streaming platforms into real community events. Talk to your friends and other visitors as it happens.

Social networking on every page

With the avatar, every website becomes a networking platform. Communication is no longer limited to a few big websites. You can meet your friends anywhere.

You can also meet new people. You're looking at the same website as someone else? You're watching the same video? Maybe you have something in common.

The scavenger hunt

Experience our entertainment tool for communities. Solve tasks, mine resources and make items with them. This game across multiple websites is interesting for the player and they can make loot. For companies, it's a customer loyalty journey across the web, so it's not exclusive to their own company site.


We make NFTs accessible. By this we mean first and foremost the showing of NFTs. As an item or as an avatar the NFTs get functions and appear. This makes it possible to trade NFTs or to present your own collection in the form of an exhibition.


Every website becomes a playground and multiple websites become a gaming universe. Players mine resources and use them to produce items.

There could be gold on Just run the scanner while you read the daily paper.

That way, web time becomes game time.

Your avatar

Configure your personal avatar according to your wishes. As a fantasy figure or based on your photos.

In our avatar gallery you have a wide choice.

Take over the character from your favorite game as a weblin.

Dress your avatar in clothes matching your style and brand.

Here the brands can equip the weblin avatars in the metaverse.

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